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Spinal Decompression for Non-Surgical Pinched Nerve Relief in Murfreesboro

Your spine is amazingly capable, allowing you to bend, twist and turn while still bearing your body weight and maintaining balance. But when injuries or degenerative problems begin to plague the spine, you may begin to experience a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms, from pain to loss of motor control in the extremities. But even if you're in severe discomfort, you may never need surgery -- not when our Murfreesboro chiropractor at Rutherford Clinic of Chiropractic, Dr. Wesley Stewart, can resolve your symptoms through non-surgical spinal decompression therapy.

spinal decompression

The spinal column is made of up lots of different parts -- not just the 24 vertebrae that gives it its shape, but also the articulated facet joints that connect them and the flexible, fluid-filled discs placed between them to act as shock absorbers. Adding to the complexity, the spinal bones also envelop the spinal cord, whose major nerve roots extend outward from this assembly. Anything that disrupts the balance between these various parts can cause serious problems. Aged discs flattened out by dehydration may bulge onto nerve roots; the protruding inner material of a herniated disc may do the same. Loss of disc height can strain the facet joints, forming bone spurs that narrow the interior spinal canal (a condition known as stenosis).

  • These and other problems can all pinch the spinal cord or nearby nerve roots, which may cause symptoms such as:
  • Pain in the affected part of the spinal column
  • Pain, tingling or loss of sensation in the arms, hands, legs or feet, depending on the location of the nerve impingement 
  • Muscle weakness that can lead to loss of manual skills or physical balance

How Chiropractic Care Can Help You

Relieving the pressure on the nerve tissue can relieve your symptoms. Unfortunately, some patients take the last resort first by submitting to major surgeries that permanently alter their spines, not always for the better. Conservative care such as non-surgical spinal decompression can be quite effective at treating spinal nerve impingement and disc/joint problems. This form of therapy has the patient lie on a computer-controlled treatment table. Our Murfreesboro chiropractor programs the table to administer a specific degree of flexion-distraction force. This outward-pulling effect creates more space between the vertebrae -- just enough to produce negative pressure. The negative pressure brings a bulging or herniated disc back into its proper position, relieving nerve impingement, while also refilling a flattened disc with water and nutrients. The restoration of disc height relieves stress on the facet joints as well. 

Ask Our Murfreesboro Chiropractor About Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression therapy is completely painless, with each session taking only a few minutes, and very safe. If you're suffering from the symptoms of a spinal nerve impingement, call Rutherford Clinic of Chiropractic at (615) 217-0097 to schedule a visit with our Murfreesboro chiropractor. We can evaluate your condition and then provide welcome relief through spinal decompression and/or our other natural, non-invasive, drug-free therapeutic techniques.

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