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How Physical Therapy Helps Patients Recover from Injury: Your Top FAQs Answered

After an injury, physical therapy plays an important role in the recovery and rehabilitation process. Below, our chiropractor in Rutherford answers five of your most frequently asked questions about physical therapy, including what to expect during your first treatment session.

#1: What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is part of our multi-faceted approach to injury rehabilitation. The goal of treatment is to safely manage pain and make daily tasks and activities easier. For example, after a car accident, you may suffer from neck pain due to a whiplash injury. Turning your head side to side, looking up and down, or even sleeping at night can be very painful. Physical therapy exercises will help bring mobility back to your cervical spine while also easing your pain.

#2: How does physical therapy help with injury rehabilitation?

Physical therapy is an important part of injury rehabilitation. Depending on your injury, physical therapy treatments may help build flexibility, strength, coordination, balance and/or endurance. Our chiropractor in Rutherford offers a variety of physical therapy techniques, including corrective exercises, heat/cold therapy, ultrasound treatment, and interferential electrical muscle stimulation. Virtually all of our physical therapy programs include some form of exercise that is specific to a patient’s injury rehabilitation needs.

#3: What should I expect during my first physical therapy appointment?

During your first physical therapy appointment, our chiropractor will discuss your injury rehabilitation needs and explain how physical therapy can help. We create a custom physical therapy treatment program for every patient. After you first treatment session, you may notice mild soreness or stiffness. This is normal, especially if your treatment session included corrective care exercises. These exercises are a safe way to bring mobility back to the body without further aggravating soft tissue injuries. If you are worried about your treatment or concerned about any pain, let our us know immediately.

#4: How does physical therapy help with back pain?

When it comes to back pain management, we frequently combine chiropractic adjustments with physical therapy. Many individuals suffer back pain due to a spinal misalignment. However, in addition to the spinal misalignment, the soft tissues that support your skeleton may also have suffered damage. The muscles, tendons and ligaments may have become weak or injured and need to be retrained in order to support proper posture and prevent future back pain. Physical therapy exercises do exactly this – building strength and support for your spine, which helps to reduce the risk for future back pain.

#5: How does physical therapy improve posture?

When the body’s core muscles are weak, it is difficult to properly hold the spine in place, increasing the risk for poor posture. Physical therapy strengthens the core muscles, which supports proper posture and healthy spinal alignment.

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