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Our Murfreesboro Chiropractor Can Relieve Shoulder Pain

Shoulders do a lot of hard work every day; in fact, the shoulder joint is one of the widest-ranging, most commonly used joints in the entire body. So when you have shoulder pain, it can adversely impact everything you do. There are a number of conditions that can affect the shoulder joint, so getting long-lasting pain relief and healing depends on an accurate diagnosis. If you live in or around Murfreesboro, Walterhill, Blackman, Almaville, Rockvale, Lascassas, Christiana, Kittrell, and Smyrna, TN, our chiropractor, Dr. Wesley Stewart,  can diagnose the root cause of your shoulder pain and create an individualized chiropractic care plan to provide relief and healing.   

Chiropractic Care: Effective Shoulder Pain Relief

Chiropractic care is extremely effective for resolving the majority of the root causes of shoulder pain, which may include:

  • Subluxations—Subluxations are misalignments between vertebrae that can compress nerves. They can occur due to an injury or simply from poor posture habits. Shoulder pain can occur when nerves involved in the control and sensation of the shoulder are pinched. Chiropractic care is extremely effective at relieving this type of shoulder pain.
  • Rotator Cuff Injury—Four rotator cuff muscles work to stabilize the shoulder joint. These muscles can become strained or injured during a sports injury or car accident injury. The injury could come suddenly, or it could come as a result of repeated overuse. Often, incorrect form and posture can contribute significantly to these rotator cuff injuries. Our chiropractor can correct posture through chiropractic adjustments that will alleviate any pinched nerves, relieve pain and reduce stress on the muscles. Physical therapy techniques will also help re-educate and re-strengthen muscles while boosting range of motion.
  • Adhesive Capsulitis or “Frozen Shoulder”—The shoulder becomes extremely stiff, painful and difficult to move in this case. Adhesive capsulitis can be related to other conditions such tendonitis or arthritis (see below), so treatment can be tailored to address the exact underlying causes of your pain. Dr. Stewart has successfully resolved many cases of frozen shoulder through a combination of chiropractic spinal adjustments and physical therapy.
  • Tendonitis or Bursitis—Tendons are tissues that connect bone and muscle, while bursa are fluid-filled sacs that provide cushion to the joint as it moves. Excessive use and injury can inflame these tissues and cause pain and stiffness. Rest, physiotherapy, physical therapy and chiropractic care are extremely effective in resolving these shoulder pain issues.
  • Osteoarthritis—Largely caused by wear and tear of the joint cartilage, arthritic shoulder joint pain is often due to mechanical misalignments and subluxations. Our chiropractor can correct these misalignments to relieve joint pain and provide physical therapy to bolster the rotator cuff muscles to reduce pain and improve range of motion.

Shoulder pain does not have to be a permanent aspect of your life! Chiropractic care is extremely effective for the majority of shoulder pain situations. Please reach out to our chiropractor Dr. Stewart for shoulder pain treatment if you live in the Murfreesboro, Walterhill, Blackman, Almaville, Rockvale, Lascassas, Christiana, Kittrell, and Smyrna, TN areas by calling us at (615) 217-0097. We look forward to helping you!

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