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Chiropractor in Murfreesboro Answers Your Sports Injury Questions

Have you recently suffered a sports injury? If so, chiropractic care and physical therapy can help your body safely heal following this injury and also help manage your injury pain without the need for medication. Below, our chiropractor in Murfreesboro answers five of our patients’ most frequently asked questions about chiropractic and sports injury rehabilitation.

#1: What causes sports injuries?

A sports injury can have many different causes. Everything from a sudden collision on the playing field to straining the neck while exercising may trigger back and neck pain. Overuse and poor exercise technique are two of the most common causes for sports injuries. Our chiropractor frequently treats patients who have sustained overuse injuries, such as tennis elbow, golf elbow or chronic knee pain.

#2: What should I do if I injure myself?

Stop exercising as soon as you experience back, neck, shoulder, ankle or knee pain. While it is natural to want to keep going and finish a run or sports game, continuing to play with an injury will further damage your body and may lengthen the recovery process. Contact our chiropractor in Murfreesboro as soon as possible to schedule a diagnostic evaluation. The earlier we begin the treatment process, the more we can do to minimize the formation of scar tissue and naturally manage your sports injury pain.

#3: Why does scar tissue prolong the healing process?

Have you ever had an injury that just won’t heal? This prolonged healing process is due to scar tissue, a thick band of tissue that forms over torn muscles and ligaments. When your body is injured, you may expect that your body will simply “heal itself.” In reality, this does not happen. The ruptured tissue is repaired with scar tissue, a tough, inflexible material that binds itself to the damaged soft tissues. While this helps hold the injured soft tissues together, this aggressive binding process and inflexibility reduces tissue mobility and strength. Chiropractic care and physical therapy are proactive treatment techniques that help minimize the formation of scar tissue and bring a full range of mobility back to the body.

#4: How does chiropractic care treat a sports injury?

Chiropractic adjustments restore proper alignment to the spine, which reduces the risk for future sports injuries. As long as the spine remains misaligned, patients are more likely to engage in improper exercise techniques, which can further strain or damage muscles.

#5: How can I prevent sports injuries?

While it is not possible to prevent all sports injuries, proactive care, warm-up/cool down exercises, and proper exercise technique can help reduce your risk for injury. Our chiropractor in Rutherford recommends warming up with dynamic exercises prior to working out and following a workout session with gentle, static stretches. Warming up increases circulation through the body and helps the body’s muscles fibers become more elastic, like a flexible rubber band. Dynamic stretches are slow, controlled movements rather than a long-held static stretch, which can actually hinder mobility.

Injury prevention is key when it comes to sports activity, but should an injury occur, you have chiropractic care to help you. Call (615) 217-0097 for more information on our sports injury treatments.

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