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Whiplash Explained

whiplash_explained_MurfreesboroWhiplash injuries make life painful and difficult, so don't delay your visit to the Rutherford Clinic of Chiropractic any longer.

Injuries from auto accidents can be devastating, and without proper treatment, can also be long-lasting. Fortunately for patients experiencing pain from whiplash, a there are a variety of holistic treatments known today. Patients seeking methods of natural healing come to the Rutherford Clinic of Chiropractic, where Dr. Wesley Stewart treats patients with a "whole person" approach.

What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a condition that occurs when the cervical spine is knocked forward and backward outside the normal expected range, as often happens with car accidents. Pain from whiplash occurs when the nerves and muscles around the injured cervical spine experience additional pressure. Whiplash can cause a slew of unexpected pain and other unpleasant symptoms, including headaches and migraines, blurry vision, difficulty concentrating, fatigue and dizziness.

Facts About Whiplash

Even minor car accidents can cause whiplash. In fact, car accidents at speeds as low as 5 MPH may cause whiplash injuries, according to the Rush University Medical Center website. Here are a few other interesting facts about whiplash:

  • Rear and front impact car accidents are the most common cause of whiplash.
  • Symptoms from whiplash may take hours, days or weeks to surface.
  • Whiplash can be the result of participation in high-impact physical activities such as gymnastics and football.
  • Older people are more likely to experience whiplash than younger people.


Whiplash Treatments: What Not To Do


Muscle movement stimulates blood flow and delivers oxygen to parts of the body. When muscles are not used, a lack of oxygen can allow toxins to build up in the affected areas. Delaying movement of the affected area can prolong whiplash injuries and intensify pain as the muscles stiffen and weaken.


Pain medications create a cycle of pain and relief, can lead to addiction and unfortunately, do nothing to heal the body. Rather than treating the injury, medications only take away the pain, reducing the likelihood that patients will seek effective treatment.

Chiropractic Care

Patients from Murfreesboro, Walterhill, Blackman, Almaville, Rockvale, Lascassas, Christiana, Kittrell, and Smyrna, TN who come to see Dr. Stewart at Rutherford Clinic of Chiropractic are immediately placed on a customized treatment plan to to realign the cervical spine and relieve the pressure on nearby nerves and muscles. With chiropractic care, patients experience reinvigoration of the weakened parts of their back, neck and shoulders. Gradually, patients regain use of their affected muscles.

With treatments like corrective exercises, spinal decompression therapy and other whole body treatments, patients who have suffered for weeks, months or even years find themselves on the road to recovery.

If you were recently the victim of a car accident, visit Dr. Stewart at the Rutherford Clinic of Chiropractic. Don't forget that symptoms may take days or weeks to surface. During that time, your injury could be worsening and scar tissue could be forming in the affected areas. Delaying treatment may further complicate your injury and can worsen your pain later. Contact us today at (615) 217-0097 for a personal consultation with Dr. Stewart.

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