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Lumbar Decompression Offered by Our Chiropractor

When you think about how much stress the human spinal column must absorb on a daily basis, it's little wonder that back problems are such a frequent occurrence. Auto accidents, sudden jolts, hazardous lifting practices at work, longstanding postural problems or simple aging can create serious pain and other symptoms. Bulging or herniated discs in the lumbar spine in the lower back can produce not only localized pain but also a collection symptoms known as sciatica. Fortunately, our chiropractor at Rutherford Clinic of Chiropractic can perform lumbar decompression to get these troublesome discs back on track.

chiropractor explaining spinal column

When Lower Back Pain Calls for Lumbar Decompression

The spine is considered to include four general areas -- the cervical spine in the neck, the thoracic spine in the upper back, the lumbar spine in the lower back and the sacral spine in the hips and pelvis. Any of these regions can be prone to disc damage or dislocation for a variety of reasons. A violent accident can jolt the lumbar vertebrae so that a disc herniates, with a tear in its casing allowing the semi-fluid inner material to push on sensitive nerve tissue. Chronic or age-related degenerative conditions can also set the stage for herniations. Discs that have lost their water content over the years may flatten and broaden so that they bulge out of the spinal column, produce similar nerve irritation while also putting strain on the spine's articulated joints.

The lumbar discs lie right next to the largest nerve in the ody, the sciatic nerve, and its major nerve roots. Impingement of this nerve tissue causes sciatica, which may include shooting pains in the leg sor buttocks, "pins and needles" sensations (or loss of sensation) and loss of leg muscle control.

Chiropractic Lumbar Decompression for Murfreesboro, Walterhill, Blackman, Almaville, Rockvale, Lascassas, Christiana, Kittrell, and Smyrna, TN

As a natural treatment for this kind of devastating problem, our chiropractor offers lumbar decompression for Murfreesboro, Walterhill, Blackman, Almaville, Rockvale, Lascassas, Christiana, Kittrell, and Smyrna, TN residents. Lumbar decompression is the same thing as spinal decompression, only directed specifically at the lumbar vertebrae and discs. All you have to do is lie peacefully on our special computer-controlled flexion-distraction table. The table imparts a small, painless amount of distraction (pulling apart) force to the lumbar vertebrae, producing vacuum pressure between them. The vacuum pressure sucks the bulging or herniated disc back into its proper alignment while also helping it refill itself with oxygen, water and other healing nutrients. The healing properties of lumbar decompression also help herniated discs repair their outer casing more quickly and efficiently.

This form of spinal decompression is both safe and effective -- and best of all, it corrects the underlying physical cause of your symptoms instead of simply anesthetizing them as painkillers do. If you think lumbar decompression might hold the key to relieving your lower back or lower extremity problems, call (615) 217-0097 today to learn more and schedule a consultation!

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